Thursday, 29 April 2010

almost frogot i published my website, made it ages and ages ago but published it like a week or two ago, the address is . udated the text yeterday after i did some i liked for my business card.

lots and lots a work to be doing...

done quite a few examples of busines cards to show gerald tommorow, to ask his opionion, and ive sent a copy of my dissertation to the lecturer to see if its ok, busy busy busy, and im about to get even more busy, live to win style, deadlineon tuesday for first hand in see, and for my dissertation if its not good enouph now ima have to work on that aswell,


udate mixed and chose half the audio for the first 3 scenes and the beginibg of scene 4, the music is great...classic theme for an animaion by me. may need to record a better one than what i have for the fight scene tho, perhaps il go home at some point to pick up my musical instrament box of goodies.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

lets see if i can get this dissertation finished to a moderate standard by 2 o'clock, its all just a random mash of incoherent nonsense at the moment.....just read an email from my lecturer. if i can get a lift i'll go show him what i have so far.
AAhhhhhhh time is short tasks are many and the dissertation is long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!